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Silver Litz Phono Cable - Pure fine silver litz conductors with KLE Absolute Harmony RCA or rhodium over Tellurium copper XLR connectors or DIN 5.


  • High Purity Silver Litz Wire Conductors
  • Velocity Matched Teflon Dielectric Insulation
  • KLE Absolute Pure Silver RCA Connectors


The cable that connects your turntable to your phono preamp is different in design and construction than the analog interconnect that connects other components, because the line voltage from the phono cartridge is lower and the signal is more sensitive to interference and other anomalies. For this reason, the Silver Litz Phono Interconnect is designed to match the impedance and capacitance of the litz wire in the tone arm of your turntable. Silver Litz Phono Interconnect offers full-bandwidth transparency, high-harmonic resolution and balanced dynamic response throughout the audible range. The cryogenically treated high-purity copper litz wire conductors are precision-wound in a Teflon® dielectric. 100% copper braid shielding provides protection against EMI/RFI signal interference. The Silver Litz Phono Interconnect is terminated with cryogenically treated KLE Absolute Pure Silver RCA connectors.  Ориентир на 700-1000 usd в зависимости от конфигурации.

Voodoo Silver Litz Phono Interconnect

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