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Являюсь единственным дилером Voodoo cable на территории России.


У других лиц, которые обещают любые кабели от Voodoo cable, спрашивайте документы подтверждающие, что данное лицо дистрибьютор или дилер. Не попадитесь на мошенников! В сети много подделок! 

По информации Voodoo cable из Китая поступают на рынок большое количество фейковых кабелей. Будьте внимательны и покупайте только у проверенных лиц.


Гарантия оригинальности изделий в данном случае - это прямая поставка заказчику товара от Voodoo cable, без посредников и сторонних лиц.


ЭТО дисконт модели снятой с актуальной линейки.


Предназначен под усиление, для распределителей питания и регенераторов.


  • 8 Gauge Cryo-AlloyTM Conductors in Teflon
  • Rhodium/Platinum over Tellurium Copper Connectors
  • MSRP $1300/6 ft

Black Diamond - состоит из фирменных индивидуально изолированных проводников Cryo-Alloy™ с сечением 8,37 мм²/8 AWG, которые подвергаются глубокой криогенной обработке Cold Fusion™ для выравнивания их кристаллической структуры, увеличения проводимости сигнала, снижения сопротивления, минимизации шумов и искажений. В качестве диэлектрика используется тефлон. Медная экранирующая оплётка высокой плотности обеспечивает 100% защиту сигнала от электромагнитных и СВЧ помех. Внешняя оболочка состоит из двухслойной полиэтиленовой оплётки с повышенной износостойкостью для достижения оптимальной гибкости и длительного срока службы кабеля.


Electra and Black Diamond Powercord - Neil Gader - The Absolute Sound - Issue #245

The Voodoo Cable Electra and Black Diamond occupy the midpoint in an extensive line of power cords. Black Diamond is recommended for solid-state and tube power amps, whereas Electra is suggested for source components and preamps. Voodoo reports that the primary difference between the two is tonal balance and harmonic resolution. It states that “while the Black Diamond offers a clean ‘dead neutral’ tonal balance, the Electra offers higher harmonic resolution that reveals subtle musical detail and micro-dynamics.
The winding of Black Diamond is an #8 AWG concentric lay of twelve discrete conductors made of solid-core silver, solid-core copper, and stranded silver-plated copper, all hand-threaded and wound in Teflon dielectric. Electra’s winding is similar to the Black Diamond, but with the addition of hand-wound copper and silver Litz conductors in a heavier-gauge Teflon dielectric for lower noise and increased harmonic resolution. Both power cords are shielded with heavy-gauge copper braid and terminated with rhodium-plated tellurium-copper IEC and AC connectors. All the conductive materials and components have been treated in Voodoo’s Cold Fusion cryogenic system—both vapor and deep-immersion cryogenic processes, depending on the part or alloy to be treated. The process is said to structurally align and fuse the molecular bonds of the conductive alloys for significantly less resistance, leading to improved performance.

The Voodoo combo conveys a more midrangy character, with good extension at the frequency extremes, a drier top but with an emphasis on the wider acoustic environment of the venue rather than specific and isolated images. To my ear this is often the way real music sounds. Certainly image definition and focus is very good, just not overly individuated—a trait I noted during the Ricki Lee Jones’ track “I’ll Be Seeing You” where the clarinet, classical guitar, and acoustic bass seemed bathed in a warmer, more diffuse ambient atmosphere. In the case of orchestral music, the musicians assume positions on stage but don’t so much stand apart from the orchestra as become fully integrated within it and the ambient space that surrounds the performers.

Low-level detailing and transient textures were very persuasive. So much so that during the “Nublado” track the Voodoo tandem captured the low-level cymbal cues without smearing the finely grained metallic timbre of the instrument. Plus the delicate bell cues that ring forth at the four-minute mark were startlingly clean and sustained. During Holly Cole’s cover of “I Can See Clearly” the Voodoo pair reproduced the punch and rhythmic pace of the opening bass vamp with assurance, and Cole’s torchy delivery had all the texture and come-hither nuance I’ve come to expect from this track.

In soundstaging, these cords reproduced the lush ambient space and immersive qualities of the Rutter Requiem although, again, they didn’t quite illuminate individual choristers quite as clearly as the reference. As an aside, and in light of its strong performance driving the Parasound JC 3+ phonostage (review this issue), I found the Electra the more musically open and revealing power cord of the two that Voodoo supplied.

Conclusion: Balanced and immersive big-buck performance for half the price of the Big Boys.

Black Diamond

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