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  • Continuous Cast Pure Silver Litz with Silver and Copper Solid-Core Conductors
  • WBT – 0152 Ag Pure Silver RCA Connectors for Single-ended Interconnect
  • Rhodium over silver-plated Tellurium copper XLR connectors for Balanced Interconnect
  • Oil-impregnated Silk in Teflon® Velocity-Matched Dielectrics
  • 100% Silver Plated Copper Shielding
  • Cryogenically Treated in Cold Fusion™
  • Certificate of Authenticity with Serial Number and Hard-Shell Case
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • MSRP $2500/RCA 1m, 2650$/ XLR 1m


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The sonic performance of the Stradivarius Amati Interconnect offers a vivid musical presentation. The Stradivarius Amati is handcrafted with signal conductors made of continuous cast pure silver litz wire and solid-core single-crystal silver and copper that have been treated in our proprietary Cold Fusion™ cryogenic process. Each conductor is encapsulated in oil-impregnated silk with air-core Teflon® dielectric that is velocity-matched for balanced inductance and capacitance. The conductors of the Stradivarius Interconnect are 100% protected from EMI and RFI by a concentric shield of silver-plated copper braid. Stradivarius Amati single-ended interconnect is terminated with cryogenically treated WBT 0152 Ag pure silver RCA connectors. Stradivarius Amati Balanced Interconnect is built with Rhodium over silver-plated Tellurium copper XLR connectors. Each pair of Stradivarius Amati interconnect have a unique serial number with a Manufacturer’s Certification of Authenticity. Hard shell case included.

Stradivarius Amati Edition

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