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RSX PRIME™ AC Power Cords are made of multiple individual connectors of ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ copper. These are directly insulated with a premium Teflon™-variant fluoropolymer, bound together into RSX’s exclusive Demand Coupled™ design with Kevlar® fibers, and then “Faraday Cage” shielded with a bi-metallic braid over LDPE polyethylene.

RSX high quality geometry, shielding and insulation help improve your system’s sound by reducing noise and capacitance/inductance-related problems. RSX PRIME’s 12+ AWG (per conductor “leg”) construction also reduces resistive losses by using 3.3 times as much copper as an ordinary 18AWG “heavy-duty” power cord; even so, they remain highly flexible. All of these thing make your system sound better and make RSX PRIME™ the AC power cord you ought to buy.


4 Ft. 1025 usd. 

6 Ft. 1400 usd

9 Ft. 1950 usd

12 Ft. 2500 usd


Schuko Connector + 45.00 usd


Свяжитесь с нами для уточнения цены. 


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