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RSX PRIME™ phono cables open the doorway to better LP sound for any system. They sound better than any other phono cable at or near their price point and deliver outstanding performance with phono cartridges of any kind or output level. They work equally well with either tube or solid-state electronics, and are your perfect way to enjoy RSX performance at a modest price.


All RSX™ Phono Cables include RCA terminations on both ends and spade lugs on the ground wire. DIN plugs or other terminations and cable lengths can be custom ordered at additional cost.


Price 1 meter 1250 usd, 1.5 meter  1750 usd, 2 meter 2250 usd.  DIN 275 usd.


Свяжитесь с нами для уточнения цены. 

RSX PRIME phono cables

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