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RSX’s MAX™ AC Power Cords are the next step up from RSX PRIME™. With multiple ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ individual conductors totaling 10+ AWG per conductor “leg”, RSX MAX has nearly five times the metal of an ordinary “heavy duty” power cord to lower resistance and deliver more and cleaner power faster while still remaining supple and flexible. To address other issues, including capacitance, inductance, and capacitive discharge effects, Teflon™-variant insulating materials (dielectrics) are used at every internal point of the cables’ exclusive Demand Coupled™ design,  including under its full Faraday Cage bi-metallic shielding.

The effect of all this is better, faster, cleaner power delivery and a clear and obvious improvement to the sound of your system. Buy RSX MAX™ AC Power Cords to hear how good your better-quality system really is.


4 Ft. 1485 usd

6 Ft. 2150 usd

9 Ft. 2975 usd

12 Ft. 3800 usd


Schuko Connector + 50 usd


Свяжитесь с нами для уточнения цены. 


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