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RSX BEYOND AC Power Cords are also Roger Skoff’s very best ever. Given the limits of theory and present-day materials technology, they, too, may well be the very best cables of their kind possible and without significantly improved materials or increases in our knowledge of how things work, they may remain the standard by which all AC Power Cords are judged for years to come.

Combining all of the features of RSX PRIME™ and RSX MAX™, RSX BEYOND™ AC Power Cords add even more ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ copper, to enlarge their conductors to a 9+ AWG “spec”, while still keeping full flexibility. This plus specially-designed connectors for BEYOND™ only lowers overall resistance to the point of insignificance, while adjustment of RSX BEYOND’s™ exclusive Demand Coupled™ design and the use of Teflon™-variant fluoropolymers for even its outer jacketing work to further minimize capacitance and inductance – related issues and make RSX BEYOND™ “The New Best in the World”.


4 Ft. 2500 usd

6 Ft. 3500 usd

9 Ft. 4985 usd

12 Ft. 6470 usd


Schuko Connector + 85 usd


Свяжитесь с нами для уточнения цены по ссылке.


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