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RSX™ BEYOND™ cables are the very best that designer, Roger Skoff, knows how to make. Given the limits of theory and present-day materials technology, they may very well be the very best phono cables possible, and, without significant new discovery, may remain the standard by which all others are judged for years to come.

Combining all of the features of RSX PRIME™ and RSX MAX™, RSX BEYOND™ phono cables add Roger Skoff-designed connectors with even less contact mass (to minimize self-inductance) and use even higher grade Teflon®-variant fluoropolymer- plus- air dielectric materials. To these are added improved fluoropolymer outer and “leg” jacketing (to reduce capacitive discharge effects), Full Faraday Cage shielding with two-point grounding, custom billet-machined trim parts, and two proprietary final treatments to extract and ensure the very last level of performance.


RSX BEYOND is “The New Best in the World”!


Price 1 meter 3500 usd, 1.5 meter  4985 usd, 2 meter 6470 usd.  DIN 605 usd.


Данный кабель может использоватся как фоно кабель, так и межблочный кабель, с одинаковым успехом!


Свяжитесь с нами для уточнения цены. 




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