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These new BENCHMARK™ Speaker Cables are intended to outperform any others at anywhere near their price. Designed specifically for RSX by Roger Skoff, the founder of XLO, RSX BENCHMARK™ ER-61 Speaker Cables feature premium 11+AWG (American Wire Gauge) solid-core copper conductors (possibly the heftiest in their class, but still easily flexible), arrayed in a Litz- variant geometry, and are constructed with three different low-kappa-factor (low dielectric constant, high “dump rate”) dielectrics for better sound. To maximize contact area and minimize contact resistance, all BENCHMARK Speaker Cables are supplied with gold plated, non-magnetic, BFA (“Z-style) banana plugs specifically selected for quality of contact, durability, and good sound.


Ритейл 6 ft  400 usd \8 ft 500 usd\10 ft 600 usd\12 ft 700 usd

RSX BENCHMARK Speaker Cables

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