По звуку отменный бас, телесная и тембрально сочная середина, комфортный и прозрачный вверх, отличная динамика, темпо-ритмовые характеристики на высоте, вокал подается вкусно, сцена правильных размеров, отличная локализация, четко прорисовывает вторые планы,никакой резкости, изделие топ класса. Возможны любые длины. Лопатки или бананы  серебро WBT - по желанию. Ритейл кабеля 2 метра - 2499 уе. 

Цена кабеля: 1,5 метра ориентир на 1300 уе, длиной 2 метра - ориентир на 1500 уе, длиной 2,5 метра - 1700 уе, длина 3 метра - 1900 уе. Цена указана с учетом доставки.



Testamant" CryoSilver™ Reference True Full Shotgun loudspeaker cables.

The loudspeaker cable design is crucial. Loudspeaker cables are the most challenging. They are the most difficult to "get right". They have to go beyond the performance thresholds of other cables. For example, a well-designed power cable must perform with excellence at the extremes of high and low current levels, but at only one frequency - but a well-designed loudspeaker cable must perform with excellence at the extremes of both high and low voltage and high and low current levels, at the same time performing with excellence at the entire wide frequency spectrum of recorded music - with delicateness and finesse at the same time as with fortissimo and brute strength, all the while maintaining the phase and timing domains - the most complicated of audio cables to engineer and make correctly. Interconnects are likewise and similar but differ in that the task is preserving and transferring without losses the most microscopic and minuscule of currents and voltages while conserving the sphere of timing and phase at all frequencies - very challenging physics. I have all confidence that our designs are exceedingly successful.

The strengths of our loudspeaker cables are our design is full true shotgun. Each stereo set has four cables - each speaker gets a separate negative and positive cable. Most other speaker cable designers insist on placing the negative and positive conductors inside one conduit in very near and intimate proximity virtually the entire length of the cable. The basic laws of physics dictate a number of detrimental affects this has on electrical performance for the complex tasks we call upon a speaker cable to accomplish. Conversely, with a true full shotgun design, the negative conductors are housed in their own separate and dedicated conduit, and the positive conductors similarly in their own separate and dedicated conduit. The great benefit this accomplishes is a negligible characteristic impedance, and minimal series impedance. This enables the loudspeaker cable to get out of the way in a manner where you get the sonic characteristics of the amplifier and the loudspeaker without sonic characteristics of the cable itself. Pure neutrality and transparency.

Our loudspeaker cables are directional. They are well marked indicating which ends to connect to the amplifier and which ends to connect to the loudspeaker. This directionality is determined by a number of factors - the raw conductor is so specialized that each master spool supplied is dated and serialized, and directionality is indicated by the supplier. This directionality is stringently retained throughout the assembly process. The cables are conditioned on the audiodharma Cable Cooker, which has connections indicated directionally, the cables connected respectively, the procedure further establishing directionality. 

The total conductor cross section of each pole is the maximum capability of the WBT silver crimp sleeve (11 gauge), this method being the only proper termination technique for the WBT silver loudspeaker cable connectors.

Revelation Audio Labs Testament Cryo-Silver™ Reference Loudspeaker cables