Звук великолепен. Звучит, плотно, телесно, с глубоким басом, с отличной прорисовкой второго плана и без резкости и сибилянтов. Новый дизайн 2020 года.

Есть модификация с одним хвостом так и с двумя (как на фото). Длина может быть любая, по необходимости. Ритейл 1.25 метра - 649 уе.


Цена кабеля любой модификации:

0,65 метра - (ориентир на 450 уе)

1,25 метра -  (ориентир на 500 уе)


Revelation Audio Labs has been chosen by Stereophile magazine for their 2018 Recommended Components

Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy CryoSilver Reference DualConduit USB cable: 
KR first became acquainted with Revelation Audio Labs' USB cables when a set was supplied with his Baetis Prodigy-X server. He was especially intrigued by the build quality of RAL's DualConduit design, in which dual Type A USB plugs converge in a single Type B USB plug, with one lead for signal and the other for the 5V USB power. The RAL DualConduit remains a KR reference in various computer-audio settings. (Vol.41 No.3 WWW)

Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/recommended-components-2018-edition-cables#tBLD6hlFqktYGBdl.99

Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy CryoSilver™ Reference USB 2.0