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Свяжитесь с нами для уточнения цены.


Длина может быть любая. Бананы или лопатки - по желанию.

Introducing the new Top of the Line series (ритейл 3800 $). "Magnum Opus" means Master Piece! We have been holding the design for years and finally out in the market. We put all our expertise in cable design on this series. Built from the bare silver. NO machined pre-manufactured cable involved. True 99.9999% pure silver, known to Audiophiles as 6N's. The best conductor in the planet.


Cable has two 10awg in each run. So total four 10awg in one side

Общее сечение кабеля 8 Awg, используются разьемы Furutech CF 201(R).


Magnum Opus

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