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Длина 2,4 метра - 1500 $
Длина 1,8 метра - 1400 $

Версия биваринг + 100 $ к цене.

Другие длины спрашивайте.

We are confident that the Hologram II speaker cable will fill the needs of most discerning audiophiles. The Hologram II speaker cable is made from 8 awg pure 6N zero crystal copper, which eliminates thousands intra-crystal boundaries along the length of the cable which are introduced during the manufacturing process. These boundaries act as a tiny circuit adversely affecting the amplified signal (see Cable and Interconnect Construction by Robert Harley for a good overview of cable construction). This purity and smoothness of the material translate into tight accurate bass, warm and full midrange and a clean open high frequency with clarity and detail across the entire audio spectrum. There is magnificent soundstage, imaging and focus.

Hologram II