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  • High-purity 20 gauge silver conductor
  • Continuous Cast Pure Silver Signal Conductor
  • Constant Impedance
  • Cryogenically Treated in Cold Fusion™
  • MSRP $1000 RCA, 1100 XLR /1m


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The VooDoo Stradivarius Digital Interconnect Cable is a 75-ohm S/PDIF cable design that provides dramatic reduction in phase related high-frequency signal anomalies with optimal gain at constant impedance in the digital signal transfer. Soncially, the Stradivarius Digital reveals the highest resolution and widest bandwidth of all the VooDoo digital cables. The Stradivarius Digital SPDIF cable is built with cryo-treated 99.999% pure silver 20 AWG conductor. The signal path is isolated in oil-impregnated Teflon dielectric that is triple shielded with copper foil, silver-plated copper wire braid and Mylar wrap for 100% protection from electromagnetic, radio and microwave interference, especially in the high-frequency bankwidth. The Stradivarius Digital cable is terminated with cryo-treated WBT 0110,0152 Ag pure silver RCA connectors or Neutrik BNC connectors. 

Stradivarius Digital SPDIF/AES

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