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  • High-purity 20 gauge silver conductor
  • Continuous Cast Pure Silver Signal Conductor
  • Constant Impedance
  • Cryogenically Treated in Cold Fusion™
  • MSRP $550 RCA, 600$ XLR /1m


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The Evolution Digital is digital interconnect cable that provides dramatic reduction in phase-related high-frequency signal anomalies with optimal gain at a constant impedance in the digital signal transfer.
The Evolution Digital is built with the cryogenically treated continuous cast pure silver polished surface conductor. The signal path is isolated in oil-impregnated silk in Teflon® dielectric that is triple shielded with aluminized Mylar, copper foil and silver-plated copper wire braid for 100% protection from electromagnetic, radio and microwave interference. The Evolution Digital cable is terminated with cryogenically treated rhodium-plated Tellurium copper RCA locking connectors or Neutirk BNC connectors. The Evolution Digital AES-EBU Interconnect is terminated with cryogenically treated rhodium-plated Tellurum copper XLR connectors.

Evolution Digital SPDIF/AES

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