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A.S.P. ULTIMATE REFERENCE CERBERUS Focusing and expanding on the strengths and prowess of our groundbreaking and award-winning A.S.P. MEDUSA speaker cables (2016 Positive Feedback Writer's Choice Award) led to the creation of Stage III Concepts' A.S.P. REFERENCE CERBERUS, a performance-multiplying, highly augmented interpretation of our previous flagship speaker cable. 
With myriad advantageous features incorporated into our designs, the most distinguishing and effective being our exclusive "floating" ribbon conductors, proprietary alloys plus the use of vacuum as primary dielectric. The combined dual-size palladium/silver conductors deliver all the weight and air of the audible frequency spectrum, for an emotional, visceral experience. These attributes are unique to Stage III's reference speaker cable designs, delivering unmatched signal purity among its many sonic virtues.
Great emphasis was placed into deflecting or absorbing the effects of any external interferences of any kind. Layers of H.D.A. (High Density Alloy) granules and solid foil, silver braids and our ASPIS™ woven outer shield add additional layers of EMI/RF protection for a noise floor that could never be achieved with any other cable design. A.S.P. CERBERUS' multi-layer array of EMI/RF shielding and mechanical, anti-resonance damping stands alone in the industry.
The pure transparency and astonishing realism makes CERBERUS a defining revelation in audio speaker interface technology. It represents a culmination of merged proprietary components, custom materials and forefront technologies; unequivocally placing the CERBERUS far ahead of competing audio products in every regard.
Like all our reference series designs for the last 25 years, CERBERUS speaker cables are assembled entirely by hand in the U.S. with absolutely no off-the-shelf or commercially available components. The combined elements make the cables extremely heavy, so equipment height and placement must be considered.


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• $36,000 2.0m pair with high current silver/rhodium/copper spades
• Add $8,000 per .5 meter pair


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