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  • Ultra-High Current Design
  • 8 AWG Micro-Fine High Purity Copper Conductors
  • Cryo Treated PowerPhase Tellurium Copper Connectors 
  • Ритейл 325 usd 6 ft


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The VooDoo Black Magic is a ultra-high current power cord built with #8 AWG high capacitance micro-fine copper conductors that deliver clean, quiet, stable AC power to power hungry tube and solid state power amps and power supplies. The Black Magic Powercord is built with cryo-treated PowerPhase IEC Connector and AC plug. All of the wire and connectors used to build the Black Magic are cryogenically treated in our proprietary cold fusionTM cryogenic process to structurally align and fuse the metallurgical molecular bond of the conductive alloys and metals for lower impedance and significantly less line noise. The power cord body is sheathed with a heavy duty abrasion resistant polyethylene mesh jacket for maximum durability and optimal flexibility.


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