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Длина 2,4 метра - 2700 $
Длина 1,8 метра - 2500 $

Другие длины спрашивайте.

Absolute speaker cable is made with 6 awg 6N zero crystal silver wire assembled in a hybrid configuration with 6N zero crystal copper. This hybrid design results in a dramatic reduction of of the cable's energy storage which in turn greatly improves high current signal flow interactions.

The Absolute speaker cable is assembled using Acoustic Zen's patented Constant Air Twist geometry. Each conductor ("barrel") is double insulated first by air-inducted foam Teflon™ that carries the flexible twist array and second by end-to-end intermediary air insulation that enhances rejection of all forms of noise interference. The objective outcome of this unique design symmetry and hybrid material purity is stunning: inductance of 0.41 uH/ft and resistance of 0.008 Ohm/ft.

With the Absolute speaker cable you will hear deeper lows and more thrilling midrange frequencies. The sense of spatial openness improves and sonic textures become more completely real, vivid and engaging.


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