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Revelation Audio Labs Precept Il

Precept Il Power у фирмы позиционируется производителем как "Designed specifically for source equipment - although excellent on all equipment types." Коннекторы используются Furutech FI-28 gold. Бред Войтек не указывает сечение проводников, но в переписке удалось выяснить этот параметр - 11 awg, это 4,15 мм. кв. При таком сечении, кабель может подойти к любому компоненту - источнику, предусилителю, интегральному усилителю, ресиверу. На каждый полюс приходится 3 серебряных проводника в тефлоновой изоляции, каждый полюс имеет свой экран и безусловно имеется - "земля", которая может быть не проложена по заданию заказчика.

Отличительные черты данного кабеля - полновесный глубокий, мощный и филигранный бас, ясность и хорошее тембральное разрешение, образы телесные, отличная локализация и читаемость 2 плана, эшелонирование, сцена средних размеров как в глубину так и в ширину, образы не растянуты, все гармонично. Тональный баланс скорее нейтральный, без резкости, в тоже время без потери динамических показателей в звучании, звук в целом с хорошей телесностью, басовой составляющей, верх без яркости, в тоже время великолепно читаем.

По сравнению со старшей моделью Precept, у младшей Precept 2 бас не так глубок и без полноты прорисовки, меньше объёма и разрешения, звук можно охарактеризовать как менее взрослый, да и ритейл старшей модели составляет 2499 долларов, он имеет сечение 8 awg, что ровно в два раза больше, чем у младшей модели. Плюсом Precept является то, что сигнальные линии проложены в отдельных трубках, со своим экраном, проводники сигнальных линий разнесены на достаточное расстояние, и это улучшает звуковые характеристики кабеля.

Младшая модель Precept 2 отлично справляется со всеми задачи в аудио. Для большинства пользователей и их компонентов, данная модель фирмы Precept 2 - это отличный выбор! Рекомендую!

Сторонние отзывы:

Precept II A/C Mains cable:

“Well, I received the wire on Friday, installed it on the Cary 306/200 CD player Saturday morning and gave it a four hour 'settle in' period before listening tož familiar cuts at normal volume for several hours.ž

First, it's only fair for me to say that I have always been skeptical of the benefits of exotic power cords. Several years back a friend and I collected about a dozen high end wires and spent weeks testing in two systems. The clear winner here turned out to be the top of the Belden line! at about $35 for 6 feet.

Having said that, I must admit that I was utterly unprepared for the major effect your wire had in my reference system. The improvement was not subtle or arguable at all. The entire presentation had an improved clarity and palpable presence that was, to my ears, quite astounding, and these are qualities I already had in very large measure.

Several minor, yet annoying, anomalies in my system simply vanished! What I had attributed to a room resonance problem, because it persisted throughout many tweaks and component improvements, has turned out to be some grunge or something in the power mains, and I have dedicated lines and conditioners.

Suffice it to say the Belden is out.

Although I will really spend some serious time evaluating the wire over several more weekends with a number of CDs, I doubt my initial impression will change. I have several 'golden-eared' friends who know my system well (one has the Cary CD player) who, no doubt, will be needing this wire when they hear what it has done for me. In fact, after my full review period I intend to insist that Dennis Had come to NY and hear what your wire did for his CD player. This power cord should be standard on all 306/200s.

Congratulations on your technology, Brad. Usually I would not be so enthusiastic about a product, particularly a wire, after only several hours of listening, but the improvement was so obvious, and also in areas where it really counted with me, that I here make an exception. You really have made something important.”

— Eric Wood, President Voice Factory International New York City

“Its been several weeks now since I bought these Precept II AC mains cables from you at Revelation Audio Labs. I promised you that I would let you know my views on them no matter what they were.

My company, San Domenico Stringed Instruments in the UK, are international dealers and restorers of fine violins, etc. I as head of the company for 35 years I have a finely tuned ear for detail in sound and all musical nuances.

The set up I use at home is, as far as I am concerned, about "it": dCS La Scala transport , dCS Elgar+ DAC , dCS Verona masterclock, Lamm M1.2 monoblocks , top quality interconnects and Living Voice Avatar OBX speakers. All this kit is supplied with juice from an Isotek Titan mains conditioner which is fed itself from a dedicated mains supply.

Why am I boring you with all this background? Well, you might think what could possibly be wrong with this fantastic set up? I have now added your Precept II AC cables to all the runs from the conditioner to the equipment. What a difference ! Everything has become more organic - a much over used term these days - but truly it is the first time I have heard a human voice sound exactly right, and the texture of instrumental sounds are now perfect. The sound stage has gone outwards, backward and forwards, expanding in all directions.

Brad, thanks for all your help , I could not live with my equipment now without your Precept II cables in the system.”

—Fond regards, Howard Morgan, President San Domenico Stringed Instruments Cardiff, Wales , UK

“Revelation Audio Labs Precept II A/C Mains power cable initial impressions: Given my previous experience with their i2s cables, I decided to give the power cables a shot, and see what this company was really capable of. Well the cables just arrived today. I bought two, for my transport and DAC's power supply. The Furutech connectors were extremely solid, as was expected, given the level of their connectors with their i2s cables (which are just on a whole different level, compared to the chintzy connectors of the other i2s cables out there). But on to what really matters...the sound! So I plugged the cables in, and all I can say is WOW!!! The first thing that jumped out at me was how much fuller the sound became. There was an increase in air as well. This was most apparent with horns, in which the realism of the sound from the airiness, besides just tone, improved. And as much as it is difficult to define, and has become extremely cliché in the audiophile world, musicality took a big step up. The blackness to the sound enhanced, creating more precise imaging, and a further extension in depth. Dynamics, especially micro-dynamics, and the transient response all strengthened. These elements all helped better the attack, slam, and texture of the sound. All of the finger-work, strumming, and plucking on the acoustic guitar became more apparent, helping to display the guitarist's artisanship. Bass also tightened and the control truly intensified. Every note on the upright bass was clean and clear, while the bass drum was allowed to really show why it is also referred to as the 'kick' drum. Sustain remained perfect, allowing the cymbals to really shine and reveal all of the overtones. What struck me the most though, was the increased realism and balance. There were no negatives to the addition of these cables, unlike some power products, which is extremely important to me. I have auditioned a fair amount of other power cables, and found quite a few not to my liking. However, I would not hesitate to recommend trying one out for yourself. These cables are certainly worth every penny.” — R.M.

“I received the 'Precept II' today. Connected it to my tubed CDP. My initial impression is one of amazement. I have never heard anything like it. The music is wonderful. How can one cable, even before burn-in, have such a positive effect. Can't wait 'til my wife hears the music. She was very skeptical. My only concern is that I may become obese. :) The cable is unbelievable or better said as finally believable. Thanks very much.” —T.C.

“Your cables arrived yesterday Sydney time. I hooked one cable up to my Z Cubed power box and another to my Croft Vitale preamp. I haven't done too much swapping of cables yet. Without doubt these are better than the Venhaus Audio cables they have replaced. Bigger soundstage, more detail, more effortlessness, a wonderful sense of air or spaciousness. I have been playing a few Judie Tzuke albums and where at times there seemed to be some effort in getting her vocals through the cables, now it just flows out ever so effortlessly. I could sense a real 'melt-in-your-mouth' kind of liquidity when listening with these cables. Very smooth, dead quiet background and tranparency is much better. The attack and decay characteristics are also top-notch. There are certainly a lot of cables out there on Audiogon. I chose yours because the ad was really convincing. I have no regrets. They are every bit as good as your ad would indicate. I look forward to purchasing some more of your cables some time in the future as funds permit.” — T.V.

Сравнение Revelation Audio Labs Precept 2, ритейл 859 $ и

Acoustic Zen Twister, ритейл 898 $.

Кабели имеют примерно одинаковый уровень, отличия в нюансах и несколько различной подаче, векторе звучания. AZ более эмоционален на середине, но с чуть худшим тембральным разрешением, а RAL имеет более артикулированный бас, при этом у него меньше сцена в глубину, он чуть нейтральнее и у него немного протяженнее ВЧ.

AZ - использует проводник медь 6N, звук эмоциональный, глубокий, информативный. RAL - использует проводник серебро 5N, с плотным звуком, без яркости и снижения телесности. Традиционно для AZ сцена строится вперед "яйцом", не широко. RAL имеет средние размеры сцены как в ширину так и в длину. Оба кабеля отлично встанут на источник, сд проигрыватель, фоно, интегральные усилители, ресиверы.

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