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Revelation Audio Labs обьявило о повышении цен на 23%

Revelation Audio Labs обьявило о повышении цен на 23%

We continue our mission to be the highest value in high performance audio cables, and a top provider for your business. But several market factors, including raised expenses and the higher costs of design improvements, pushed us to take a step.

Never-ending rising costs over time and the higher costs associated with our philosophy of Continuous Improvement to our designs is forcing us to raise our prices. Maybe we absorbed those cost increases longer than we should have. We’ve been delaying any price hike for 6 years (the last increase in our pricing was in 2016), but it’s time.

An increase on an average of 23% went into effect on our web site earlier this year. We know this seems like a substantial increase all at once, but if you consider that’s an increase of less than 4% annually since the last increase, you realize a yearly price hike would have been far less dramatic.

Please see the attached new Price List.

Revelation Audio Labs 2022-4
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