RAL Precept Power в ТУР!

Предлагается в тур топовый сетевой кабель фирмы Revelation Audio Labs Precept Reference Power. Длина 2 метра. Ритейл 2499 usd.

От участника тура требуется:

Написать обзор который должен включать в себя:

1. полный состав системы и его фото на этом сайте в ветке


2. полный набор кабелей которые имеются в сетапе

3. название композиций

4. описание звука кабеля, сравнительный анализ с другим сетевым (если есть таковые).

Запись в https://www.stereocable.net/kontakty

Здесь в этом топике я буду информировать общественность о мероприятии.

По материалу проводника применяемого в кабелях Revelation Audio Labs:

The reputation silver has as a conductor of frequencies in the range of human hearing, being inept regarding accuracy at the lower range of these frequencies, is attributable to the less than optimal quality of the silver. As a result, this reputation is well deserved. However our silver is no ordinary silver. Lower purity silver, used in inferior cable designs, is the main reason silver has the unjustified reputation for having overly exaggerated high frequency response. What is heard is the characteristic hash and noise of the impurities in such material coloring the sound. Only the best conductor material will render the best sonic results. Pure copper, and even gold, is totally inferior to our ultra-pure CryoSilver™ in this regard. The source of our silver is uncommon and atypical to high end audio. The silver wire used is made by a company that specializes in precision aerospace and medical imaging specific silver wiring technology. Ours is not your father’s silver. Our silver is 10 to 100 times (at least a full order of magnitude) more pure than even most so-called "pure" silver audio cables. Simply put, impurities are a barrier which hinders electron flow. Lower conductivity = lower performance. Our CryoSilver™ wire is subjected to a precision deep cryogenic process in which the bare solid silver wire is slowly super-cooled (below -315°F below zero), held within 1 degree for 48 hours and then slowly brought back to room temperature at a precisely controlled rate. During the original cooling or solidification phase of the manufacturing process of wire, the crystal structure comprising the wire is in a random, chaotic and haphazard pattern. This random placement causes obstacles for electrons (or the “diodic effect”) when encountered (much like the effects of impurities in the metal). This interference actually hinders electron flow, causing noise and distortion, negatively affecting the coherency of the signal through the wire. At the very cold temperatures (below -315°F) of the deep cryogenic process, the metal crystals align in a more uniform, compact and denser molecular structure through the removal of kinetic energy and inherent stresses. The deep cryogenic process makes a permanent transformation to the entire crystal structure of the metal, not just the surface. The benefits do not deteriorate over time or upon return to ambient temperature. The deep cryogenic treatment effectively eliminates molecular boundaries and drastically reduces the energy separation of molecular orbital valance and conduction bands. The energy levels are so closely spaced that it is very easy for electrons to shift between molecular orbitals and it is extremely easy to add electrons to the molecular bands (form an external source). One should think of a metal that has not been deep cryogenically treated as being open-grained, much like spreading the fingers on one's hand. After being treated, the metal is closed-grained, much like squeezing one's fingers together. The bottom line is, if there were a better conductor material that our CryoSilver™, that would be the material used in our cables. Period. No compromise.

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